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You need a break and holidays ? pack your bag to Morbihan !

Morbihan is THE ideal place to go for good holidays in Bitanny, boating and gastronomy ! Alignments of Menhirs and megaliths, many beautiful little towns named « petites cités de caractère », castles, manors, old villages, The Broceliande Forest… Today, you’re guessed for a wonderful journey into the legends of Britanny... The Morbihan coastline is 900 kms long and the atlantic ocean has shaped its historical heritage. Don’t forget to visit the famous islands of Morbihan : « Belle Ile en mer », Groix », « houat », « Hoedic » or « l’Île aux moines » in the Morbihan gulf. So, if you expect to live wonderful adventures and unforgettable surprises during your holidays, come on to Morbihan, The South Coast of Brittany !

« 365 ? Yes, 365 ! » An old legend says there are as many Islands in Morbihan as days in all year long ! Hum ! Hum ! I’d like to recount !

Must dans le Morbihan

  • Gulf of Morbihan & Bay of Quiberon is one of the most beautiful bays in the world
  • The Inter-celtic festival of Lorient is the most important celtic and breton festival in the world
  • Atlantic and gulf of Morbihan Islands : Belle-Ile-en-Mer, Groix, Houat, Hoëdic, l’île aux Moines, l’île d’Arz…
  • The Carnac alignments, candidate to the UNESCO’S WORLD HERITAGE
  • Discover the Nantes to Brest Canal on foot or on a bike along the tow-path
  • Broceliande : a land of Arthurian legends, exciting adventures, majestic forest, Historical sites, it's all magic !
  • The Rhuys peninsula : creeks, swamps and fine sand beaches

Where to stay dans le Morbihan ?

  • Chambre
  • Bangor

From :

700 €

per week

  • Chambre
  • Erdeven

From :

390 €

per week

  • Chambre
  • Sarzeau

From :

550 €

per week

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Château de Josselin © Y Legal
Golfe Morbihan - Ile Govihan © Auteurs de vues
Rando Belle Ile ©Y Legal
Vieux gréement © Y Boelle
Ile aux moines © Y Legal
Voiliers © Y Legal
Alignements Kerliscan Carnac © Fanch Galivel
Château de suscinio © A Lamoureux
Sofitel Quiberon © Cuvillier
Vannes rempart © M Schaffner
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Voie verte © CRTB