dans laMarne

The Marne, the real relaxing therapy …

The excitement a lifestyle in the champenoise !
Alternately unusual, prodigious or greedy, the Champagne and the multiple faces reserve you moments of exception … Discover its landscapes, its paths in thousand treasures and its unsuspected fauna. Appreciate the peace of mind and the scents of its forests marked with mystery and with legends then dive into an ocean of vineyards and colors. Pursue the adventure by strolling through the streets of the cities of the department. Become soaked with the History of France by visiting the numerous classified monuments to the UNESCO world heritage. Between two breakaways in vineyards, be allowed take by the euphoria of the festivals which give rhythm to the seasons. Sublimate your days by savouring the biggest champagnes and savor the culinary specialities of the country before succumbing in the appeal of a prestigious establishment or of an unusual accommodation.

Just like the champagne, its product of exception, the Marne abounds in inescapable sites to be discovered without moderation.

Must dans la Marne

  • The cathedral of Reims, city of the coronations of kings
  • The lake of Der
  • The vineyard marnais and the Road of Champagne
  • The Marne and its circuits of rides
  • The Regional Natural reserve of the Mountain of Reims
  • False of Verzy, a site of exception

Where to stay dans la Marne ?

  • Chambre
  • Châtillon-sur-Marne

From :

350 €

per week

  • Chambre
  • Nanteuil-la-Forêt

From :

510 €

per week

  • Chambre
  • Étréchy

From :

70 €

by night

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© Flamand Geoffrey
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