The Creuse, be free !

A mischievous river that flirts with the granite, chestnut trees that play with the rays of the sun, laughter around a tasty piece of beef, a child filled with wonder by his first trout, a landscape of heaths bathed in dew, history’s footprint revealed round a bend in the road… the scene is set. The Creuse is here, generous and real. She offers up its wealth to you, for you to cultivate, without constraints, as you desire…

Creuse full of treasures, here are our most precious castles, gardens, museums ... discover all its secrets !

Must en Creuse

  • International City of tapestry and woven art (Aubusson)
  • Scenovision (Mysterious plants, the life of Creuse stonemasons, a liquor of incomparable taste, the Creuse countryside…) (Bénévent l’Abbaye)
  • Boussac Château (Boussac)
  • Villemonteix Château (Chénérailles)
  • Tuilerie Pouligny eco-museum of the earth (Chéniers)
  • The old, medieval fortress of Crozant (Crozant)
  • Sédelle arboretum (Crozant)
  • Masgot, the sculpted village (Fransèches)
  • The Monts de Guéret Giant Labyrinth (Guéret)
  • Landes Lake (Lussat)
  • Abbey church (Moutier d’Ahun)
  • The wolves of Chabrières (Sainte Feyre)
  • Pierres Jaumâtres (granite rocks) (Toulx Sainte Croix)
  • The International Centre for Art and Landscape (Beaumont-du-lac)

Where to stay en Creuse ?

  • Chambre
  • Saint-Dizier-Masbaraud

From :

90 €

by night

  • Chambre
  • Auzances

From :

340 €

per week

  • Chambre
  • Rougnat

From :

260 €

per week

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Photo Credits

Vassivière © J. Damase
© P.A Dutheil
© Collection ADRT23
Aubusson © S.Parouty
Collection ADRT23_J.Damase
© M. Anglada
Moutier d’Ahun (Crédit photo : collection ADRT 23 - J. Damase)
Parc aux Loups (crédit photo : Parc animalier des Monts de Guéret - S. Deschamps)
Château de Villemonteix (Crédit photo : ADRT23)
Les limousines (Crédit photo : Collection ADRT23 - J. Damase)
Vélos (Crédit photo : collection CCGSV)
Evaux les Bains (Crédit photo : Collection ADRT23 - J. Damase)
Crozant (Crédit photo : Collection ADRT23-J. Damase).